Memories last updated 26 December, 2018

(Old photograph taken late August 1969: the twin towers, still under construction, can be seen in the distance).

100th anniversary of my mother’s birth 10 April, 2018

Armando Monteiro Soares Coutinho de Lencastre (Pinhel, Alverca da Beira, 21 de maio de 1924 - Lisboa, 14 de setembro de 2017), dear fellow academician and neighbor whose 2012 book I prefaced. He died while I was attending a conference in Beijing so that I only realized it on 28 January 2018 as I drove through Mofina street in Mucifal where he lived, spoke about him and my brother in law told ne the sad news. He was buried in the nearby cemitery.of Colares.

Belmiro de Azevedo (1938-2017), Público 1 December 2017

Chiara Lubich (1920-2008) following an invitation from Matilde Sousa Franco on Palm Sunday 2016 to speak next May 19 at the Franciscan Cultural Center I dug out a 2007 text titled HELP.

20th anniversary of my father’s death on 18 March, 2016: memorial and obituary

Tribute to Jean-Pierre Contzen (12 February 1935 - 27 October 2015) and Mariano Gago (16 May 1948 - 17 April 2015) at ACL on 26 November, the latter based on NSBEWP#595 and Nova Cidadania 57

Joelle Bourgois (1945-2015) only found out much later. Shown is the cover of her book about Mandela

Jorge Pessoa namesake and army friend in Angola, died on 18 December 2014, ashes dropped at Oilmills of the Sea two days later

Alfredo de Sousa memorial on NOVA day 20 years after, followed by NOVASBE seminar on 3 November

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Gabriel Espírito Santo (1935-2014), general and friend, died on 17 October


Manuel Jacinto Nunes (1926-2014) dies on 14 July, dean of Portuguese economists. On the way to Cemitério dos Prazeres, a short distance from the Basílica da Estrela, where he had officiated the funeral mass, Vitor Melicias accepted to help honor his memory in collaboration with the economics and finance section of the Lisbon Academy of Science, of which he was the dean.


António Borges


Whoopi our old black Labrador passed away in the morning of 12 May, 2011: São was there; Aninhas helped with the burial. I was in Paris for my last class, learned the sad news upon return, texted João in California and call Momi in Vienna: the end of an era…


James Tobin  

Woodstock revival in Lisbon 40 years after with thanks to helpdeskteam


In Remembrance of Pentti Kouri

Visit to Oulo Cemetery on 22 January 2012

Open economy dynamics: selected papers by Pentti Kouri published by Taloustieto

Opening speech of conference organized by Bank of Finland and Banca d’Italia in memory of Pentti Kouri

A memorial service for Pentti Kouri was held at Nossa Senhora das Dores church in Mucifal on February 12, the day he would have turned 60. A message from his family to his former students and their students was read.
Reference was made to the memorial at the Kiasma Museum of Modern Arts in Helsinki (where the Pentti Kouri collection was decidated last October) on February 3 and the blessing of the ashes in Los Angeles on February 21


In memory of Bill Branson last  updated 20 September, 2006

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