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Last updated 2 April, 2010


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7 August, 1996 Jorge Braga de Macedo



On 12 August, 2008 I registered the domain This provided an opportunity to update the following text, written for the most part some ten years ago.

The first homepage at Nova described Pedro Pita Barros´achievements, and included pictures of his children (they are still there but now require a password). My ability to follow suit  owes a lot to Nova's wizards Manuel Gonçalves and Gunther Lang but I also became aware of Xavier Sala-i-Martin's page and first decided to keep my page strictly professional.

The human dimension was bound to appear, however. In the Winter of 1998, on the occasion of a keynote address on Europe he gave  to a group of executives gathered at the Ritz Hotel in Lisbon Paul Krugman directed me to his page. Shortly thereafter, I plunged and published pictures of the neighbouring beaches I run to with Whoopi, our black Labrador (whose 3 white puppies have since grown to maturity) . After the ISOM meeting of June 1998 at Nova's business school, I can now say that information  on my "human dimension" has been useful to at least one international economist.  In the Spring of 1998, over sushi, Pedro Silva  of EBRD also gave me good  advise. The links have been improving since.

In the Summer of 1997, I became aware of Nouriel Roubini´s homepage and as a consequence upgraded the teaching component.Visits to Ken Rogoff's homepage during the NBER Summer Institute of 1998 and after had the same effect.

In fact, my teaching reflects a long-term interest in the development process of Portugal and the lessons it may provide to developing and transition economies, as described in my keynote address to ESHET 2002, dedicated it to the memory of Jim Tobin. I gratefully acknowledge the influence of other  former Yale teachers and Princeton colleagues, such as Dick Cooper, Joe Stiglitz, the late Carlos Diaz, Pentti Kouri and Bill Branson, let alone of my early mentors, but this should not implicate them in any of the shortcomings of my execution. Having seen Pentti on  March 22, 2005 and again in July brought back all these memories, before his untimely death just before turning 60.

To all of them and to many others I am grateful, but they should be absolved of the many shortcomings of the page and its links.