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Last updated 21 January, 2018

Last ExCo meeting in London, 03/11/17 introducing Estela Barbot as new Portuguese member, and becoming honorary member

General Assembly of Forum Portugal Global (FPG) 8 June 2017 at Grémio Literário followed by farewell luncheon in honor of retiring Chairman António Vasco de Mello, founding member of the Portuguese group of The Trilateral Comission (TC) with 14 paying members (out of 16) present or represented.


1.     approval of accounts of 2016, including European Meeting in Lisbon in November 2016

2.     two new paying members approved, one also for TC

3.     Election of FPG officers, Chairman Jorge Braga de Macedo (vacating slot in TC Ex Co), Audit Eduardo Costa, Executive Committee: Estela Barbot (Chair), Diogo Horta Osório, António Vitorino.

4.     Other issues: registration with new address, updating of website, letter to family of David Rockefeller, following contact at the marging of the Washington plenary in March.


Teaching: Fall 2016, Fall and Spring 2015 Master’s Program: Globalization and Governance


Global lusophonia (this page was last updated 10 April, 2004) 

·       Tropical no more (President, IICT 05/02/04-03/08/15 no sympathy from Observador on 28/05)

·       Lisbon meetings and global lusophonia rising, 25/06/15, 25 years of Cooperation among Central Banks, Banco de Portugal, pp. 82-84, pictures p. 103, 114.

·       Council of Ministers decides IICT to be managed by ULisboa 28/05/15;

·       132nd anniversary of IICT 19/04/15

·       Lisbon Rotary Club, 19/10/14

·       EBCAM board meeting in Cascais, 13/10/14

·       Comment on Manifesto, 24/09/14

·       9th Africa course, Institute of Advanced Military Studies, 22/09/14

·       Tropical knowledge at Rua da Junqueira nº 86 and nº 100: my opening presentation hinted at the address confusion by recalling that I used to call the former everything but health (17/07/14)

·       Lectures in at UIBE & CFAU with Presentation at Beijing Center on 25/04/12

·       Pictured with Macau T shirt on the Great Wall


Forum Portugal Global   page

Trilateral Comission page

Euro50 group


The work on G&G I have been involved with builds on the results of the program of work I managed at the OECD Development Centre in 2001-2003. A special emphasis on the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP, aka lusofonia), follows from the protocol of collaboration between IICT and CPLP, signed on 10 March, 2004.


20th anniversary of Cape Verde Constitution


Cape Verde’s Foreign Policy (NSBE WP #572)


Cape Verde and Mozambique as Development Successes in Sub Saharan African (with Luis Brites Pereira) presented at NBER conference in December 2009, revised 15 August, 2010 (Ferragosto)



Center for Globalization and Governance (CG&G) open on new window

On January 8, 2008 the Head Council of the FEUNL renamed CG&G a centre devoted to interdisciplinary research that had been created after an agreement between the Ministry of Finance and UNL dated 21 April, 1992. On 18 February the Faculty Council restricted to Associate and Full Professors (CRAC) was briefed on CG&G.


Meanwhile agreements had been signed with the Diplomatic Institute, DES@IICT and the Institute for Advanced Study of the Academy of Science of Lisbon

Comittee of Lusophone Communities (CCL)

On 31 March, 2008, after eight years of interruption CCL resumed its activities at the Lisbon Geographical Society, as duly noted at the annual board meeting of SGL, on that day. At the 7 April meeting, a close collaboration was decided with the Committee on Internmational Relations, beginning with a joint initiative on Macau, featuring general Rocha Vieira, on June 2. Another dinner involved dr Mario Machungo, former prime minister of Mozambique, in the presence of students of ABC, a course offered by CG&G in January 2009


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